Journalism Education for Democracy in Ukraine: Developing Standards, Integrity and Professionalism

Project number: 598964-EPP-1-2018-1-UK-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education

Project Goals and Objectives

Goals are staples of project planning, giving you long-term vision, motivation & focus:

A1. Curriculum Reform

Curriculum Reform: to reform, start to deliver and evaluate new/revised curriculum for 9 BA and 11 MA Journalism programmes (2 degrees in each of the 10 Ukrainian partner universities), and the institutional quality assurance for academic programmes, so that all new/revised programmes are aligned with European Qualifications Frameworks (EQF), meeting European standards of integrity and professionalism, improving students' industry engagement, career preparation and employability, and enabling staff and students to develop strong and sustainable connections with European journalism departments and associations

A2. Curriculum Context

Curriculum Context: to enhance the media environment in which Journalism graduates will work: improving the 'media literacy' of key target groups, providing new opportunities for Journalism students to engage with public audiences during their training, and raising public awareness of the vital role of journalists and media in the promotion and protection of citizens' rights within a multi-cultural democracy.

Specific Project Objectives are:

  • to audit (desk review) all current curriculum (20 degrees), with gap analyses and action plans;
  • to train curriculum teams in the alignment of programmes and QA with EQF standards;
  • to use European models of Journalism education to inform curriculum reform;
  • to train academic and professional staff in principles and processes of peer review;
  • to conduct peer review (including 10 site visits) of all new/revised programmes;
  • to deliver and evaluate the first year of all new/revised BA and MA programmes;
  • to produce National Guideline Statements for BA and MA Journalism education;
  • to maximize public stakeholder engagement and participation in the work of the project;
  • to deliver and evaluate Outreach Media-Literacy Courses for target groups;
  • to maximize the sustainability of the work and outputs of the project.

EU funding instrument:

Erasmus+ KA2

European Neighbourhood Instrument

Period of realization:


15 November 2018 – 14 November 2021

Erasmus+ (CBHE) grant amount:


Euro (€)

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Експерти DESTIN оцінили оновлені навчальні програми з журналістики

Міжнародна команда експертів оцінила оновлені навчальні програми з «Журналістики», які розробили викладачі кафедра журналістики та філології [...]

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DESTIN team from Zaporizhzhia National University successfully approved updated study programs in Journalism

ZNU Journalism Faculty made a step further in implementing a three-year Erasmus+ КА2 project DESTIN. In [...]

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Команда «DESTIN» із Запорізького національного університету успішно презентувала оновлені програми з журналістики

Факультет журналістики ЗНУ подолав черговий етап імплементації трирічного проєкту Еразмус+ КА2 DESTIN. У березні Президент EJTA [...]

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At the end of year people tend to remember the most exciting moments in the past [...]

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Наприкінці року люди, як правило, згадують ті моменти минулого періоду, які їх найбільше схвилювали. Це – [...]

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Учасники DESTIN вивчали досвід журналістської освіти в польському університеті

Близько 40 учасників міжнародного проекту DESTIN з 19 по 21 листопада вивчали досвід організації журналістської освіти [...]

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Involving students in socially-oriented journalism projects – an example from Adam Mickiewicz University

Field trip to FOJO in Kalmar helped the participants of DESTIN to share their experience in [...]

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DESTIN Partners Studied Swedish Experience in Journalism Education

October 6 – 10, over 40 representatives of various HEI and public institutions from Ukraine, Poland [...]

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Учасники проєкту DESTIN переймали шведський досвід навчання журналістів

Близько 40 представників університетів та установ з України, Польщі, Великобританії тощо взяли участь у робочій поїздці [...]

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В університеті Т. Шевченка стартувала друга конференція проекту DESTIN

Друга конференція проекту «DESTIN. Journalism Education for Democracy in Ukraine: Developing Standards, Integrity and Professionalism» триватиме [...]

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Project members

20 Partner organizations from European Union & Ukraine working together

Grant holder

Bath Spa University, United Kingdom

Coordinator and General Manager: 
Prof. Ian Gadd, Head of Development of European Projects, Bath Spa University

tel: +44 (0)1225 875455

Project coordinator in Ukraine

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Institute of Journalism  

› Office for International Cooperation
Tel.: +380(44) 239 31 82, +380(44) 239 31 66, +380 (44) 239 31 50,
fax: +380(44) 239 31 00, +380(44) 239 31 50 

› Institute of Journalism
Tel.: +380(44) 481 44 01, fax: +380(44) 483 09 81 ()

Responsible person:
Bogdana Nosova, Associate Professor of Social Communications Department, Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

tel.: +380505064732 (Mobile);

Сontact information of Ukrainian partners

Click on organization title to view all contact details

Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy

Tel.: +38(0472) 37 21 42, +38(0472) 35 44 63,
fax: +38(0472) 35 44 63

Responsible person: Svitlana Koval, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Journalism, Advertising and PR-technologies, Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy

tel.: +380504645074, +380979761979;

Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities

Tel.: +38(0362) 63 72 34, fax: +38(0362) 23 01 86

Responsible person: Olha Mitchuk, Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities

tel.: +380964107513 (Mobile), +380503393424 (Mobile),

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

tel.: +38(032) 261 14 91, +38(032) 239 47 24, +38(032) 239 41 82

Responsible person: Nataliia Habor, Associate Professor at New Media Department

tel.: +380505052045 

Mariupol State University

Tel.: +38 (0629) 58 75 90, fax: +38 (0629) 53 22 70

Responsible person:  Svitlana Bezchotnikova, Professor of Mariupol State University

tel.: +380972454231 (Mobile), 

Sumy State University

Tel./fax: +38(0542) 68 77 55, +38(0542) 64 04 99

Responsible person: Kostyantyn Kyrychenko, Head of the International Affairs Office of Sumy State University

Tel/fax: +38 (0542) 33 10 81,
Mobile: +380990799552,

Ukrainian Catholic University   

Tel.: +38(032) 240 99 40, email:  

Responsible person: Iurii Opoka, Head of the Ukrainian Catholic University Master’s Program in Journalism

tel.: +380674555358 (Mobile),

State University "Uzhhorod National University"

Tel.: +380503723767 (Mobile),  +38 (03122) 3 33 41,
fax:  +38 (03122) 3 42 02

Responsible person: Galyna Shapovalova, Associate Professor at Journalism Department, Faculty of Philology, State University “Uzhhorod National University".

tel.: +380501625285 (Mobile),

Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University

Tel.:+38(0372) 58 48 10 – Rector,
+38(0372) 58 47 02 – Department of Journalism, fax: +38(0372) 55 29 14, +38(0372) 58 47 07 – Rector

Responsible person: Roman Paziuk, Assistant Professor at the Department of Journalism

tel.: +380667853822 (Mobile),

Zaporizhzhia National University

Tel.:  +380(61) 289 41 11, +380(61) 289 12 24,
fax: +380(61) 228 75 08     

Responsible person: Katerina Sirinyok-Dolgaryova, Associate Professor at Department of
Journalism, Faculty of Journalism, Zaporizhzhia National University  

tel.: +380661114753(Mobile),

NGO "Ukrainian Association of Students"

Tel. Mobile: +380939150872, +380734997970

Responsible person: Lidiia Fesenko, President of the Ukrainian Association of Students 

tel.: +380939150872(Mobile),

PO "Hromadkse Radio" 

Tel:  +38(044) 279 72 09

Responsible person: Nataliia Klochun, Grant manager,

tel.: +380954865638 (Mobile),

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Tel.: +38(044) 481 32 78, +38(044) 481 32 79, fax: +38(044) 481 47 55

Responsible person: Lyubov Shchitka, Acting Head of International Cooperation and European Integration Department, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

tel.: +38(044) 481 32 69,e-mail: