Year One

November 2018

DESTIN commences.

BSU DESTIN Management Group meets (Monthly).

Grant Agreement Signed.

Curriculum Development Teams formed at each UA Partner university.

December 2018
January 2019

Kick Off Meeting (Bath).

Governing Board 1.

Sustainability Team formed and first meeting.

Dissemination Team formed and first meeting.

Outreach Team formed and first meeting.

Project Quality Plan and Risk Assessment written.

First Conference (Bath).

February 2019
March 2019

Audit/Desk review of Current Ukraine Partners BA and MA Journalism programmes.

Partnership Agreement Signed.

Draft DESTIN Toolkit circulated (adapted from ALIGN Toolkit).

April 2019
April/May 2019

Progress Report.

New event 13

Ukraine university’s Action Plans shared.

Student Centred Learning Course Design Conference (Kyiv).

Governing Board 2.

Project website launched.

Project YouTube channel launched.

Sustainability Team second meeting including Sustainability Plan review.

Dissemination Team second meeting including Dissemination Plan review.

Outreach Team second meeting including Outreach Plan review.

Project Quality Plan and Risk Assessment reviewed.

Statement of Equality and Diversity.

May 2019
October 2019

New event 14

Ukraine university Action Plans reviewed and updated.

Quality Assurance Review Meeting.

Field Trip – Linnaeus University, Sweden.


Year Two

November 2019

Field Trip – Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland.

Course Design Training Workshops (Training for Trainers) (Kyiv).

Revised DESTIN Training for Trainers Toolkit published.

Template for Peer Review published.

Guide to Peer Review Process and Documentation published.

Field Trip Benchmarking Reports.

Online Mentoring launched.

December 2019
March 2020

Peer Review Panel 2.

Peer Review Panel 1.
(changed to Desk Review due to Covid 19)

April 2020
May 2020

Peer Review Panel 3.
(changed to Desk Review due to Covid 19)

Revised BA/MA programmes approved at UA university partners.

Mar-July 2020
June 2020

Quality Report (intermediate).

Interim Report EU
(delayed due to Covid 19).

August 2020
September 2020

New event 13

Virtual Governing Board (additional interim GB re planning in light of Covid 19)

New event 1

Equipment procured.

Equipment delivered and registered at UA Partner universities.

Delivery of revised curricula at UA partner universities (BA & MA per partner).

Autumn 2020
Autumn 2020 Monthly

New event 2

Online Outreach Team Evaluation Meetings until Jul 2021.

New event 3

Governing Board 3 (Sumy)
(delayed from April 2020 due to Covid 19).

Outreach Team Coordination Meeting (Sumy)
(delayed from June 2020 due to Covid 19).

Sustainability Team Coordination Meeting (Lviv).

Pilot Outreach Courses
(delayed due to Covid 19).



Year Three

Autumn 2020

Panel 1 and 3 Peer Review Pastoral visits
(replaces original visits planned for March 2020)

Governing Board 4.

National Guideline Statements BA & MA Journalism Education in Ukraine.

Network Ukraine Universities & Professional Journalism organisations.

University and Stateholder Engagement Strategy put into action.

Outreach Media Literacy Courses delivered.

Outreach Media Literacy Courses evaluated.

Open days at UA University Partners.

Autumn 2021

Evaluate delivery of first year of revised curricula.

Final Conference “Journalism Futures” (Lviv)

Sustainability Plan put into action.

Quality Report (Final).

October 2021
November 2021

Legacy Website

EACEA Reporting

(Revised July 2020)