Adam Mickiewicz University and the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv signed a Cooperation Agreement

Rectors of Adam Mickiewicz University and the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv signed the agreement on co-conducting by the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism at AMU and the Faculty of Journalism at IFNUL the Integrated Curriculum for MA students in journalism and social communication from both sides.

It means that students who complete all the requirements predicted in the agreement will be granted two diplomas (one from AMU and one from IFNUL). Students who enrol in the programme will be studying for two semesters at AMU and two semesters at IFNUL.

They are expected to pass all the courses predicted in the Integrated Curriculum and prepare an MA thesis in two languages (Polish and Ukrainian). The thesis will be evaluated by the joint commission, consisting of AMU and IFNUL scholars.

My colleagues at AMU and I are profoundly pleased that both universities officially approved the project and that we will be implementing it next year. We sincerely appreciate the devotion and hard work done by all our partners at IFNUL, including Yuliana Lavrysh, Natalia Habor and Andriy Yatsenko especially. Also, we would like to thank Rachael MacDonald from Bath Spa University and all our colleagues involved in DESTIN project.

It is unquestionable that this initiative proved to be a platform allowing researchers and lecturers from AMU and IFNUL to meet together, be inspired by the work of all parties co-creating DESTIN community, and design our Integrated Curriculum.

We are happy that within the frame of our initiative IFNUL students gain the opportunity to be granted the EU diploma in journalism and social communication. Moreover, we are sure that the programme is an attractive proposition for those AMU students who are particularly interested in developing their knowledge about the Ukrainian media system. We are convinced that AMU-IFNUL cooperation in educating students on journalism and social communication will be a visible, effective, long-lasting, and valuable element of DESTIN legacy. And we believe that it will be helpful in deepening and strengthening the Ukrainian integration with the European regional structures.

Bartosz Hordecki,
Adam Mickiewicz University

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