Media Literacy and Media Research Laboratory: MSU implements the goals of the international project Erasmus +

Within the frames of the implementation of the international project Erasmus+ DESTIN «Journalism Education for Democracy in Ukraine: Developing Standards, Integrity and Professionalism» Department of Social Communications of MSU opens a Media Literacy and Media Research Laboratory.

Among the main objectives of the Laboratory are to implement measures to create and develop a consultative, scientific and educational regional department of media literacy for schoolchildren, students, teachers and the general public of the Azov region, as well as to improve the quality of education of applicants for higher education of various educational degrees and specialties of MSU.

The creation of the Laboratory also logically fits into the work of the department on the development of educational online courses on media literacy for non-professional target groups in the field of journalism, media and communications. Professor Tatyana Ivanova and Associate Professor Irina Vyalkova will work on its creation under the leadership of the Dean of the Faculty of Philology and Mass Communications of MSU, Professor Svetlana Bezchotnikova.

An important factor in the successful functioning of the laboratory for the implementation of the DESTIN project purposes is also the possibility of attracting students of the updated master’s program in journalism to create educational courses, which will help to improve the quality of training of specialists. Students of the 1st year of the updated bachelor’s program «Journalism and Social Communications» will not remain on the sidelines: they will be the first users of the newly formed courses.